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Our Vision

To tell our stories. And to do it in the way we do best, collectively. We believe in our amazing network of talented people. 

So, we have sketched some possible characters, a potential narrative arc, and want you all to submit any of the following:

  • Lyrics/music in a Word file, email to Philip, after connecting via LinkedIn
  • An audio file, email link or actual file to Philip, after connecting via LinkedIn
  • Or YouTube submission of you performing the piece, email link to Philip, after connecting via LinkedIn

For all submissions, after we connect via LinkedIn I will ask that you please provide your full Contact Information, and attach a Signed Release just for the initial posting on this site. If we can package a whole project, all the contributors can sort out a share of any potential rewards.

We want to give people these various choices as some of us create and perform, others just create – and we all create differently. We will compile, see what we have that can be built out into a complete narrative. During this process, we will tap into an array of musical and theatrical expertise — most likely from the East Bay region – given our roots here in the Bay Area. 

Current Creative Parameters for Submission

  • Use our characters, or generate a new one and share their profile, role in the narrative.
  • Confirm your musical genre. Given our interests, we are most interested in either a rock, blues or Hamilton quality hip hop submissions.

Process and Timeline

  • We are doing what we are doing now. Garnering submissions. 
  • We will then compile and create a piece and if with enough submissions, more than one piece, noting where we believe there are narrative or musical holes. 
  • We will then circle back out via the newly created email lists, via this website and any other new referrals, sharing the iterations.
  • We will tap into Kickstarter or other such options.
  • Social Media Promotion will include all the usual suspects like Googleplus, Facebook and given that we believe that as 10 % of the labor force in the US we stand out and have some pull, we would love to have a concerted effort around posting via our NGO networks in LinkedIn.
  • With a more refined piece, confirmed participation, we will begin pitching to various theater groups.
  • By December 2023, we hope to be at the point of a potential creative piece that could be workshopped. 
  • In 2023, some version of it will be seen and heard, in some venue TBD. 

It all begins with a conversation. I am committed to the sector, want to make “good work, better” but need to know more about who you are, what you need. And given the world of internet bots and trolls, would ask that we connect via LinkedIn and then share email exchanges from there.

Looking for collaborators!

Reach out to me via LinkedIn, share your Profile and email, and we will go from there!

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We Want to Hear from You