We need to tell our stories.  I, for sure, know that in exchange for less than for-profit compensation, I have seen the human drama up close and personal.  I have grown, lived deeply, continue to be amazed by the power of resilience, love, kindness.

Why am I doing this?  I am getting older, want to ensure that each generation of sector leadership has context and history as they create their own future.  Oh, and I love musicals.

Why will you do this?  Leave a legacy?  Got a creative itch?  Like to work collectively?  Have a point to make, though will make it subtly through narrative and music?

And why should we do this?  Perhaps together, if we can make this successful, and there is a revenue stream — we could donate a portion of the proceeds to a fund that will serve elder Executive Directors.  It will be us, soon enough.  And though try as we might, many of us have not been able to save as well for retirement and beyond as well as we should have — given low compensation packages, housing and education costs for our children.  Yeah, it can be rough to be financially responsible — even when we are well-educated and committed to family.  So, perhaps through this effort, much like musician groups are doing for their elders, we can be a financial backstop for those that have given so much to their communities.

Actually, we want you to share your thoughts in your cover email.  We may compile those personal insights as well!

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