For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Why do this, why you?

A: Just jumped in to fill a void.

Q:  How viable is this?

A: Depends upon participation.  But if people will flash mob, I think we can do this!

Q: How will control and rights work?

A: If your piece is selected, you are part of a larger effort.  We will determine % participation in ownership and proceeds once we have a real piece, built by a collection of composers.

Q: Are you going to get rich.

A: No, I wish.  I am part of a two parent NGO career family, put daughters through college — one a teacher the other at a B Corp.  We are wonderful, just not rich.

Q: How will you select the pieces?

A: This is a creative process — no exact formula like nonprofit accounting.  (That is a joke.).  Honestly, we are looking for a narrative arc that seems to make sense and will use our best judgement.  We hope to have enough submissions to perhaps build more than one piece, with potential holes and all.  If there is a strong enough narrative arc, we believe we can fill the potential holes in the piece.

Q: More questions?

A: Just email us and we will add to this list as we go.